environmental consciousness

KESHARI EXPORTS is committed to minimizing our environmental impact on the world. We strive to discover new techniques and materials that will reduce our global footprint and uphold our ecological responsibility. Because of our devotion to maintain an eco-friendly company, we have the ECO Collection, which is dedicated to providing our environmentally-conscious clients with stunning rugs that are kind to our planet.

ECO COLLECTION uses sustainable processes and resources in order to ensure both high quality and eco-friendly carpets. We use non-metallic dyes, which reduce the water pollution created when rugs are rinsed, and give a beautiful, natural sheen. Although we use natural fibers in all of our rugs, such as banana silk, wool, and bamboo, ECO Collection is limited to only untreated and naturally treated materials. The collection is comprised of sunpat, nettle, hemp, silk and unprocessed wool, along with many other fibers. We pride ourselves in using innovative combinations of these materials to achieve rich textures and hues that showcase the beauty of an environmentally-friendly carpet. Please look for the ECO throughout our website for our selections of eco-friendly rugs.

Any of our rugs can be made using non-metallic dyes and by substituting eco-friendly materials of your choice. We invite you to call or visit our showrooms for information on creating your own environmentally-sustainable carpet.